50-million blinds recalled, families left wondering what to do

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TYLER, TX (KLTV) - Parents, check all shades and blinds in your home. Your younger children could be at risk. The Consumer Product Safety Commission has recalled 50,000,000 blinds because they pose a strangulation hazard to children and can lead to death.

Sarah Burton, a mother of three, moved into her home four years ago, and quickly realized her windows needed some special treatment.

"After a while we just needed something to filter the light in," said Burton. "So just looking around, I picked out the bamboo blinds because that's what was the prettiest."

Putting them on every window in her home, Burton was surprised that roller shades like hers and Roman blinds are dangerous for children.

"They've been around for...a long time," said Burton. "For them to just now be recalled is kind of surprising. I mean, I had them in my house when I was growing up."

The blinds are being recalled because of the way the chords are designed. Kids can get tangled up inside of them and be strangled to death. So far, eight children's deaths have been linked to roll up blinds or Roman shades.

Stores like WalMart, Pottery Barn and JC Penny are urging customers who bought the blinds to stop using them. Leaving homeowners like Burton wondering how to fix the problem.

"Our two year old cousin coming in for Christmas, you know, that is something we really need to think about," said Burton.

If you don't want to replace your blinds, you can get a repair kit for free. Treena Burleson with The Blind Place says other options are cordless blinds, or blinds with breakaway devices.

"So you apply pressure and it takes very little pressure for the chords to break apart so that there is no choking hazard here," said Treena Burleson, with The Blind Place in Tyler.

The goal of the massive recall is to shine light on a deadly obstacle found in millions of American homes. If you want to find out if the blinds you have in your home are being recalled, click here.

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