A Better East Texas: Pearl Harbor Not Forgotten

The sixty-eighth anniversary of Pearl Harbor came and went earlier this week.  It seems that we hear less and less about this tragic event every year - fewer flags at half-staff, fewer news stories.  There are certainly fewer survivors each year and with the youngest of them now 85 years old, their voices are fading fast.  The Pearl Harbor Survivors Association has said that their annual gathering of survivors may end after 20-10 due to the age of those that are left.  It's not that the events of December 7, 1941 were not well documented or that there is some kind of controversy over what happened, there just seems to be a lack of interest.  Maybe we have become callous to this and other tragedies but with 1000 bodies still entombed in the hull of the U. S. Arizona, how can we forget? With more troops about to deploy to the current battle front and the remains of others locked in a rusting sunken battleship, we must not forget Pearl Harbor or any of the casualties of war.  If you know a veteran, capture their memories and learn from their experience.  If you have children, review the events surrounding the attack on Pearl Harbor.  It is the only way to learn from war and to possibility prevent conflicts in the future and that will make for a safer world and a Better East Texas.