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Burglary detail nets 9, residents still urged to stay alert

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Released by the Longview Police Department:

LONGVIEW, TX - Since the beginning of November, the Longview Police Department has identified a pattern of residential and vehicle burglaries in south Longview. A special operation was created consisting of plain clothes officers and undercover observation units to conduct surveillance in an effort to arrest those responsible.

Since the implementation of the operation, nine suspects have been arrested for committing, or being connected to, residential or vehicle burglaries in south Longview. The operation is continuing, but officers urge residents to:

Be observant and report anything that appears suspicious to police Know your neighbor. Know what cars and people belong at your neighbor's house and let a trusted neighbor know what people and cars belong at your own house. Watch out for each other and call the police if you see a person or vehicle that doesn't belong. If you travel away from home for the holidays, suspend your newspaper and mail while you are gone. Set lighting timers to make it appear that you are home. Have a family member or friend come by your house while you are away to check on things. Make sure you have outdoor lighting, auxiliary locks on your doors and have all overgrown shrubbery and vegetation around your home cleared away so thieves can't hide around your house.

Call the Longview Police Department to arrange for a free safety inspection of your home or business at 903-237-1199.

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