Mother and Son Murdered in Hallsville

News of two people murdered in their own home has shocked a quiet Hallsville neighborhood. Early Thursday morning, Harrison County officials were called to a home on Rena Lane. There, investigators say a woman and her 17 year old son were found, dead from gunshot wounds to the head.  The woman's husband, George Elwin Tyler, has been arrested for their murders.

40 year old Trudy Tyler, math major at Letoureau University, was found dead on the sofa of her living room. Her son, John Rodgers, was found dead in the kitchen. Complicating matters was the discovery of a pipe bomb and explosives found while searching of the property. What the explosives have to do with this crime, if anything, is still not clear, but A-T-F agents were called in to detonate them.

George Elwin Tyler remains in the Harrison County jail on murder charges.

Bob Hallmark, reporting.