Kay Bailey Hutchison campaigns in East Texas

By Taylor Hemness - email

Senator Hutchison has been criticized for remaining in the senate, instead of resigning to focus on the campaign for governor. Monday night, she explained why she's still in Washington.

"We are working really hard to kill this health care reform bill," Hutchison said. "Regardless of how they frame it, or how they name it, it's going to end up being a single-payer government take-over, and I can't stand back and let that happen."

Hutchison told the group of supporters that she hadn't planned to challenge Governor Perry, because she didn't think that he'd run for another term. But that doesn't mean that she doesn't have very specific plans if she makes the move from Capitol Hill to the governor's mansion, including education and transportation.

"I want to increase our number of high school graduates. We have the highest dropout rate in America, and that's not good enough for Texas," Hutchison said. "And I'm not going to have a TXDOT that dictates to local governments that they have to put toll roads in to get state money. I don't think that's good policy, and I don't think it's necessary.

Senator Hutchison also told KLTV 7 that the Tea Party movement has been very good for Texas, and that she believes that she's the only conservative candidate that can win the general election in Texas.

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