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Police chief reacts to sexual harassment lawsuit allegations

By Sara Story - bio | email

JACKSONVILLE, TX (KLTV) - The Jacksonville Police Department said they will no longer help the Cherokee County Sheriff's Department with any criminal investigations or enforcement actions. It comes after an anonymous email was sent out stating that Reece Daniel, the police chief, was being forced to resign because of a lawsuit involving sexual harassment of five women.

Daniel says these allegations are false. After investigating the email, Daniel claims it was Chris White, the chief detective of the Sheriff's Department, who sent the email. Daniel claims White admitted to sending the emails.

We tried to get a response from White and Sheriff James Campbell Monday evening, but they had already gone home when we called.

The following is a copy of an email sent out by Jacksonville's Chief of Police in response to the allegations:

A message from cowboycop4u@yahoo.com was sent to each of you alleging that I was being forced to resign due to a law suit settlement involving the sexual harassment of five women. My department opened a criminal investigation into the source of the email due to what we believe are violations of the Texas Penal Code, Sections 42.07, 39.02 and 36.06. Since that time it has become apparent that the email you received was sent by Chris White, Chief Detective of the Cherokee County Sheriffs Department.  Deputy White admitted to me that he had sent the email and said he had also admitted such to Sheriff James Campbell.

Chris White told me he had sent the email in retaliation for me refusing to accept a case that originated in Cherokee County that he wanted my detectives to investigate. This is an extremely paltry reason for a law enforcement officer to get angry over and, in my opinion, violate the law. If he will do this to me knowing all the resources I have at my command then I worry about what he might do to an innocent civilian who makes his angry.

I have asked Sheriff Campbell to fire Chris White and he refused to do so thus far. Therefore, I felt it was important to protect my reputation from false, malicious and untrue information being disseminated by another law enforcement officer who will remain on the job representing the Cherokee County Sheriffs Department.

I plan to file a formal complaint with the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement Standards and I am conferring with a civil attorney in the event the email originated from a county computer. I have several other avenues available to me, and my attorney and I plan on making use of each and every one in order to make certain no other innocent person is harmed by this individuals' actions. No member of this department will be allowed to become involved in any criminal investigation or enforcement action with the Cherokee County Sheriffs Department so long as Chris White is an employee there because the civil liability for the Jacksonville Police Department is too great to take that chance.

This email is being sent from my official email because the slanderous email concerned my official capacity and was sent as retaliation for an official duty I performed. I wish to state plainly that I have never been sued for sexual harassment.  I have never been a party to any settlement that might require my resignation and the entire email you received was false and intended to harm me and my reputation.

Other than this statement, I will not comment further on this situation until my attorney gives me his permission. I do not wish to prejudice any potential lawsuit he might file. If you have further questions I suggest you contact Sheriff James Campbell or Detective Chris White. You may us or quote any part or this entire message if you like.

Reece Daniel
Chief of Police

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