Search Teams Comb Through Anderson and Cherokee Counties

Search efforts are getting more intense because the system is getting better; and a lot more efficient... Search teams are living in a warehouse in Palestine that's been converted into to a command post.

Early in the morning, the teams head out from the center--get their assignments and stay in the field until 6 p.m. at night. While they're searching, the command center is staffed with folks who help keep the system going, from organizing the crews to cooking food and keeping the center comfortable. So far, the Palestine crews have recovered 201 bags of shuttle material... and much, much more is expected.

The system is organized, because so many people have specific roles now. And those crews are switched out every 2 to 3 weeks. People from all over the country, 27 states and several foreign countries, are lending a hand here in East Texas.

So far, crews in Anderson and Cherokee counties have covered almost 25 thousand acres looking for debris.