Longview fans have Lobo fever

By Bob Hallmark - bio | email
Posted by Ellen Krafve - bio | email

LONGVIEW, TX (KLTV) - They've been close many times before, and one more time the Longview Lobo's are in the chase for a high school state football championship. Fans once again are getting behind the team as they prepare for Saturday's state 4-A semi-final game. Fans are counting on this being the year the kids bring the trophy home. All over Longview, the Lobo howl is a familiar sound.

"These boys they've been putting it together on both sides," said Herb McCarty, Jr. "I'm sure they're going to go all the way this year."

The team has played several times for the state title in the past and lost games fans feel they should have won.

"You've got to stay on you're A-game because they're going to bring their A-game," said Shirley Shaw, a Lobo fan.

"I know in the past we almost made it we should have made it but I think we have a really good chance this year of winning state," said Teresa Cosper, a Lobo fan.

At tip-top detail there are generations of Lobo fans.

"We're going to take it this year," said Sydney Fontenot. "We're going all the way to the top - all the way to the top! We ain't taking no losses."

"We kicking the door down this year," said Herb McCarty, Sr. "I believe our players know what to expect and I believe we'll be ready for them."

With a stingy defense and a relentless offense, fans think this is the year a state title comes to Longview. Even KLTV employees in Longview were cautiously optimistic.

"They've got a great team," said Matt Jones, a Lobo fan. "It's time to go out and take it."

"It's East Texas football," said Rodney Allison, a Longview graduate. "You've got several teams in the same situation."

Fans expect to be howling very loud in Longview.

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