Gift of Love Makes An East Texas Family Complete

Doug and Vicki, of East Texas, were never able to have children of their own, but that didn't stop them from giving a child love. Vicki explains, "We had wanted a child forever, and ever. Then one night, after Monday night football, I saw that face on TV and I knew, that moment, I was in love."

From that moment, they took the necessary steps to make Daniel a part of their family. Doug says, "We thought he'd be a perfect fit for us." April of 2002, Daniel officially became their son. "It was well worth the wait. It's the best thing that people can do is adopt," says Doug. Vicki adds, "They don't know what they're missing till they hear the word Mommy and Daddy, we're a family."

Since finding love, this three year old feels secure for the first time in his young life and, it's obvious, he's happy. This little boy has also grown, developing quit an appetite. He talks about his favorite foods. "Pancakes, and ice cream and coke. My Dad makes pancakes and Mom makes eggs." Daniel has truly bonded with his forever family. "He's completed our family and I couldn't imagine life without him I really can't," says Vicki, proudly hugging Daniel. Doug adds, "Everywhere I go he wants to be there." Daniel talks about what he wants to be when he grows up. "A firemen, because my Dad is a firemen and I want to be just like my Dad."

Daniel was in Foster Care since infancy, often competing for affection and attention. Now, that has all changed. Doug says, "He's a very loving boy. He loves his Mom and Daddy and he loves his Grandmothers." While Daniel received the greatest gift of all, it's this East Texas couple who feels they are the lucky ones. "I wouldn't trade him for a million dollars. I mean nobody would offer me anything to get rid of him, cause I love him," says Vicki with a big smile.

It appears Daniel's prayers for the Gift of Love have finally been answered. Doug and Vicki say opening their hearts to this little boy has given them more joy than they ever imagined. Their prayer, is that others will do the same. Doug says, "If they have a place in their heart for a child, I would say do it. You never know what it means to a child like that to give them home."

If you'd like information on Adoption or Fostering a child, call our Gift of Love hotline. The toll free number is 1-888-kids-275.

Gillian Sheridan reporting.