Revolutionary Pill Comes To Tyler

Take one of these and I'll see you in the morning....that's what ETMC doctor's can now tell some of their patients, who might have needed exploratory surgery.

A pill called"M2a Capsule Endoscope" serves as a mini camera that snaps two pictures per second within the lower intestine. A patient swallows the small pill with water. Then, an array of sensors attached to the patient's chest and stomach via a belt, record the photos.

Tyler's Charles Hauk is the first ETMC patient to use the pill. Suffering from intestinal bleeding, the pill revealed what doctors needed to know; without painful surgery. "I swallowed the pill," he says, "wore it for about 8 hours and came back...went about a normal day."

Having this technology is good news for East Texas. The procedure is covered by most insurance companies and has recently received national coverage through medicare.