Mother's Offers to Park Your Car

When you have to go to the hospital, either to visit a friend or for yourself, there are already a lot of things on your mind. Now, a local hospital says parking shouldn't be one of them.

Ross Crawley parks cars for a living. "It's all about customer service and making it easy on the people that are coming up here to visit." Usually, 'here' is a bar, restaurant or concert. But now, 'here' is a hospital.

Trinity Mother Frances has hired Tyler Valet Parking Services to cut down on the hassles of health care.  Cindy Kidwell, Trinity Mother Frances Health System Customer Service Administrative Director says so far, the response has been positive. "We are always asking our patients for feedback. And, some of their feedback has said that they were concerned about our parking, availability of our parking and so we thought this is one way we can improve our service to our customers."

Around two thousand cars a week now find themselves professionally parked. For each one, Crawley and his partners make the quarter mile jog to the parking lot so people like Leta Williams don't have to. "My husband is diagnosed with cancer and I have to bring him pretty often to the North Park. And, it's real handy for me because he's real weak."

The valet service is available at Trinity Mother Frances Hospitals in Tyler and Jacksonville, Trinity Clinic, and North Park Center. It's all free. You're not even allowed to leave a tip.

East Texans do have a choice when it comes to health care. Ross Crawley hopes more people will choose to have him park their car.

Stephen Parr, reporting.