Missing mystery bird found after flying the coop

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TYLER, TX (KLTV) - The mystery bird we showed East Texans is now home safe after being recognized by one observant viewer. Minutes after showing you the bird on our newscast, we were flooded with calls about the animal's origin and we able to put them in touch with the owner.

"When I first saw the bird I had no idea what it was," said homeowner Randy Treadwell, who found the bird perched on his roof Tuesday evening.

Parvez Malim knew exactly what it was, and the mystery bird was finally given a name and an alibi.

"It's called a Jacobin bird, it's a Pigeon, it's a French breed," says Malim, who competes in pigeon shows," I was cleaning my backyard and a cat jumped to get the bird and the bird got scared and took off."

But in the bird's case, it's trademark hood of feathers kept the flying to a minimum.

When Treadwell came home from lunch it was on his roof and the bird stayed there, just two blocks from Malim's backyard pen filled with more than forty free roaming show pigeons.

"I chased him down I couldn't find him, he took off I looked everywhere," said Malim. "I don't know where he went I went looking in all the neighborhood, I couldn't see him," he added, "But then you guys came up there and helped me out."

Treadwell said Ten minutes after the story airing he received a phone call, after that the reunion was arranged for Wednesday morning.

After a quick handshake with the the bird rescuer and a drive almost as long Jacobin was finally home, and with a pigeon filled pool calling, a pigeon husband waiting, she returned home a free bird.

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