Forgive Tiger, or kick him to the curb?

By Sara Story - bio | email

TYLER, TX - In what has become a very public scandal, Tiger Woods remains silent as names are added to his scorecard of alleged affairs. Once screaming fans are disappointed by the actions of a man they held in such high regard.

"It surprised me," said Michelle Martin.

"I was terribly disappointed," added Dorothy Hudson.

As rumors fly, East Texas women say whether or not they would forgive him. There are reasons women say they're blown away by the news.

"He's such an amazing sports figure and someone that everybody looks up to," Natalie Hughes said.

"All these years I thought, wow, a star. A sports star who has a squeaky clean reputation,"  Hudson said.

"I thought he was this nice classy guy, with a beautiful wife and beautiful kids. He messed it all up," Emily Kelly said.

Wade French, a marriage therapist, said fame and fortune are among multiple factors that can lead to infidelity. He said the other factors are an incompatible relationship, lack of commitment and having different goals.

"Marriage is the most difficult job you will ever have. It requires you work on it 24 hours a day, seven days a week," French said.

We asked East Texas women if they thought this marriage was worth working for.

"I would leave him, for sure. Your relationship is never going to be the same. Just get child support and live off of that," said Kelly.

"There's so many women. I just don't know if they can work that out," Martin said.

Despite this backlash, some said it's the two children that are worth fighting for.

"I would try to save my family because the ramifications for those children are never ending," Hudson said.

"Nobody is infallible. Nobody's beyond sin," Kerry Goodson said.

"They have to sit down and answer one question, and it is a simple question. Am I better off with him, or am I better off without him?" French said.

For now, it's the silence they endure that keeps people guessing.

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