WebXtra: Prize winning bird found two blocks from home

Posted by Morgan Chesky - bio | email

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - The mystery bird sitting atop an East Texan's roof Tuesday afternoon is now safe at home.

Parvez Malim's prize winning Jacobin show pigeon was outside its pen Monday evening when a neighborhood cat managed to crawl over the fence and into a backyard filled with forty of Malim's special birds.

Malim says the cat pounced and the usually flightless bird took off managing to clear the backyard fence, flying into the surrounding neighborhood. A quick search by Malim was unsuccessful and he thought the bird was lost...until a phone call yesterday evening. A neighbor contacted Malim after seeing a picture of his bird on KLTV 7's ten p.m. newscast.

A few phone calls later Malim was put in touch with the man who found the bird perched on his roof only two streets away from the bird's home pen. Malim stopped by this morning to recover the bird and found it was his missing Jacobin pigeon valued at fifty dollars.

Malim tells KLTV he plans to keep the birds inside the pen to keep this from happening again and will keep a closer eye on the neighborhood cats.

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