Fitness fad or faux-pas?

By Sara Story - bio | email
Posted by Ellen Krafve - bio | email

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - It is a workout that's all in the shoe. Reebok claims their Easy Tone athletic shoes can give you a firm body without going to the gym, and consumers are buying it.

They look just like any other athletic shoe, but their makers claim they do something more.

"Reebok EasyTone shoes not only look fantastic, they will make your legs and butt look great too!" claims the add.

Promising women better legs and glutes with every step, the shoes could only be found at one store in town. The manager of Shoe Carnival says they're flying off the shelves

"Right now, these shoes are on fire for us," said Mike Sanfelippo.

With an item so hot, we took a look behind or underneath the sneakers. The bottom of the shoes are just like mini stability balls. They engage your muscles and cause them to work harder than standing on the normal floor.

"You are having to use a little more muscle which is going to tone," said Cassie Ebert, an ETMC exercise specialist. "You burn a little more calories but in the end it isn't a lot of calories."

Putting the shoes on the line, we let women like Tera Robins test them.

"I like them, I mean, you can definitely tell the difference in these shoes and everyday walking shoes," said Robins. "You're getting a workout while you are walking."

After a loop around the store the mom of two was sold.

"I'm surprised, they are more comfortable than a lot of the shoes that I was just trying on," said Robins.

But, Ebert says they may not be the solution for everyone.

"People that already have balance issues don't need to put something under their feet that is going to make them unstable," said Ebert. "If you're thinking getting shoes to offset going to the gym and eating healthy, they aren't going to do what you want."

And, she says if you try them on for size, you may want to take this fitness fad with a grain of salt. Ebert also says if you have medical problems with your knees or feet, you may want to talk to your doctor before buying these shoes.

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