Family escapes house fire but loses everything

By Courtney Lane - bio | email

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - An East Texas family is asking for your help after losing everything in an electrical fire. The blaze broke out in the 900 block of Duckenfield Avenue just before 4 a.m. Monday.

"I was trying to find the door handle but I couldn't see, couldn't breathe so I ran back out," said William Hudson.

For Hudson, it was a startling and scary wake-up call.

"Woke up and there was just smoke everywhere...ran through the house. Ran out with my underwear and tank-top on. Ran to the back door and kicked the back door open."

After the sun came up, the extensive damage was clear. Hudson and his wife looked for things to salvage but it was pretty much all destroyed, along with Christmas presents.

"Pretty much everything in the house [is gone]," said Hudson. "Washer, dryer, icebox, stove, microwave, everything is messed up. Clothes, shoes, everything."

What's worse, Hudson said, is that he was laid-off from his job a couple months ago and hasn't been able to find work since.

"So me and my wife and three nephews we got to go stay with some relatives right now until we get on our feet," he said.

The Tyler Fire Department said the blaze was sparked by an overloaded electrical circuit. Hudson said he heard a little noise coming from an outlet in the back bedroom before he fell asleep. Now, they're having to start all over right before the holidays but at least they're still together.

"It was a blessing I got out," said Hudson.

"He said if he wouldn't have got out in time he would have died, and the smoke was getting in his breath and everything but we just thank God that he made it out fine," said Hudson's nephew Jordan.

The American Red Cross says their resources are really drained right now because several families lost their homes over the weekend due to fires. They say your donations would be much appreciated and would go to help the families get back on their feet.

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