Timeline Marks South Tyler Attacks, Accused Rapist Had Pattern

As more is learned about a string of sexual assaults in Smith County, a pattern begins to emerge.

Felix Alberto Kauffman is still in the Smith County Jail on $5 million dollars bond. He is accused of at least nine Smith County crimes, ranging from burglary to sexual assault.

But court documents say along his two year crime spree, there was a definite method of attacking his victims. In many of the reported attacks, the suspect threw a jacket, cloth, or other item over the head of the victim, rendering them unable to see.

Kauffman admits he was having financial problems in March of 2000, and went to a home on Westchester in Tyler with plans to burglarize it. The woman inside opened her back door.  That's when he threw a dark jacket over her head, pushed her inside, and ran away.

On Forestwood on Halloween 2000, Kauffman says he threw a patio chair through a back window, chased the woman to the front porch and began beating her. She bit his finger, then Kauffman knocked out one of her teeth and fled.

On Timberwilde in April 2001, the first sexual assault. A victim woke up to a man at the foot of her bed, and he used a pillow to shield her vision has he sexually assaulted her. This began a trend of behavior in three more sexual assaults in June 2001, April and May of 2002. Kauffman has been forensically linked or confessed to those crimes.

In November 2002, a woman was attacked in her home by a masked man. The victim fought him off. As he was leaving, the woman noted he was driving a bluish-colored Mitsubishi Eclipse. Soon after, Tyler Detective John Ragland suspected the man might be a construction worker, because many of the attacks happened around rainy days, when construction work is put on hold.

Then on December 23rd, the husband of one of the victims spotted a bluish Eclipse near a construction site in south Smith County.  He called police. An amazing stroke of luck for police and for all the victims. The eclipse was registered to Kauffman's wife. It wasn't long before Felix Alberto Kauffman came in and submitted to a DNA sample. It was a match for several of the attacks. Since then he has confessed to some others but there are at least three reported attacks that are still unsolved.

And police are still investigating.

Reported by Morgan Palmer