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Skip jury duty, pay up to $500

Released by the City of Tyler:

TYLER, TX - Starting in January, the City of Tyler Municipal Court will begin issuing hearing notices to jurors who are in contempt for failure to appear when summoned for jury duty.

"These hearings will be held to provide an opportunity for jurors who failed to appear to show cause," said Cam McCabe, Court administrator. "Jurors will have an opportunity to appear in front of a judge to explain why they did not respond when summoned for jury duty."

Jurors can be held in contempt for failure to appear when summoned for jury duty. The fine for not appearing for a jury summons is up to $500. Each jury summons provides an advisory explaining the penalty for not appearing.

"The reason we are taking this step is to make sure the system is fair to those that did show up for jury duty," added McCabe. "Jury duty is an important part of our legislative system and due process. It is illegal to ignore the summons."

Starting in January, jurors who receive a notice to appear because they have failed to respond to a jury summons may choose to complete an enclosed form and submit a $100 fine in lieu of appearing at the hearing.

Only those violators whose addresses can be verified will be sent the contempt notice.

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