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A Better East Texas: Tiger's Shank

Well Tiger Woods has fooled us all.  Or have we fooled ourselves?  We believed that just because he was a superstar in one of the noblest sports that he was somehow immune from the touch of personal scandal.  We loved believing that his father, Earl, who instilled incredible athletic discipline in Tiger as a child, also instilled character that equaled his skill on the tee box.  But like so many athletes over the years, Pete Rose, Michael Jordan, Hollywood Henderson and others, we are reminded by Tiger Woods that money does not buy happiness.  If that were the case, Tiger should have been very happy with the life he had.  Now he may lose that which it appears he struggled so hard to find and perhaps never realized he had.  We may never know the full story on what is going on with Tiger and perhaps it is none of our business.  He may return to the top of the golf world and continue winning tournaments for the next 30 years.  But we can see that the love of money and a bullet-proof ego are a dangerous combination.  Learning from Tiger's "transgressions" is a lesson we can all take notes on and know that true happiness comes from true honest, open relationships with those we love – and money can't buy that.  I hope that as Christmas approaches that we can all give thanks for the true love before us and that will make for a Better East Texas.

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