"Going Rogue" tour stops in Texas

By Taylor Hemness - email

PLANO, TX (KLTV) - Sarah Palin walked into Legacy Bookstore in Plano right on time, and the hundreds of people waiting for her saw that their long wait was about to be over.

Ryan Lutz was the first person in line. He started standing outside Legacy Bookstore on Thursday night at 10PM.

"It's not everyday that you get to see such an influential political figure," Lutz said. "This may be the one and only time we get to see her. I want to have the chance to shake her hand, and maybe get five seconds with her."

The bookstore sold a thousand tickets to the event. Those thousand customers were the only ones guaranteed to get a signed copy of "Going Rogue," and people outside were offering more than $150 for one of those tickets.

We found some East Texans in line who told us they wouldn't dare sell their tickets, because the event meant too much to them.

"Governor Palin has really inspired me to get back involved in politics," said David Kappeler of Tyler. "She's really a leader in the Republican Party, and a bright hope for our country."

"I like her hard right stance," said Davy Hobson, also of Tyler. "I like her no nonsense, concentration on small business, and bringing our constitution back from exile."

But we also found someone in line who says Sarah Palin changed her life. Last year Natalie Nichols of Texarkana cast the first vote of her life for the McCain-Palin ticket. After the election, she wrote a letter to Palin, thanking her for her example. She never expected to get the response she did.

"I got this birth announcement from Trig, with this note on the back of it," Nichols said. She took that note, made an iron-on decal from it, and put it on her shirt.

"She didn't owe me anything, she didn't even have to respond. She's the real deal."

Nichols, who is a mother of four, also said that she has been so inspired, that she's going back to school for political science, and is running for county clerk in Bowie County.

After the signing in Plano, Palin also went to Ft. Hood, to spend time with the soldiers and military families there.

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