Tom Brokaw involved in deadly accident

Posted by Michael Hetrick

Bronx, NY (KLTV) - Former "NBC Nightly News" anchor Tom Brokaw, and his wife Meredith, were involved in an accident earlier Friday afternoon.

The accident occured around 1:00 p.m. near the Sheridan Expressway in New York.  Authorities say the Brokaws were traveling down the expressway when they spotted a spool of cable in the far left lane.  Then, a green SUV came up fast and tried to avoid the cable.

The SUV driver lost control, sliding into the middle lane, forcing a mail truck into the Brokaws lane of travel.  The mail truck hit a median and the Brokaw's vehicle slid into it.

The Brokaws were not injured in the accident, however the SUV driver was tossed from her vehicle and killed.

Information provided by WABC-TV New York