6-year-old saves 2-year-old from drowning

By Courtney Lane - bio | email
Posted by Ellen Krafve - bio | email

NECHES, TX (KLTV) - Six-year-old Riley Catchot and several friends were playing in her grandparent's backyard Saturday. But somehow two-year-old Seraiah fell into the pool.

"My friend told me that my little sister was swimming and I went over there and looked and she was just floating in the middle of the pool and then I stopped and thinking and I ran in and told," said Riley.

When she was found, Seraiah was floating face down so Riley sprang into action.

"Riley comes running in just, 'Seraiah's in the pool! Seraiah's in the pool!' You just can't get out the door fast enough," said Seraiah's mom, Jolene Wilbourn.

"They jumped in the pool and got her...and then she put her down and Daddy did CPR," said Riley.

Seraiah's mom says if her two-year-old had been in the pool a little longer, she would have died from hypothermia.

"There are no real words that can express how much it means to still have my little one because of what she did," said Wilbourn.

Riley doesn't care for all the attention, but her humble heroism is the talk of the town in Neches.

"[It] made me very proud to be her teacher."

"I've always told my kids, 'If something happens, go get an adult,'" said Delicia Hosch, Riley's mom. "That's your first response. So she listened, and I'm very proud of that."

And this just may be the beginning. Riley has big plans when she grows up.

"[I want to be] somebody that saves somebody, [like] a doctor, firefighter, or a nurse," said Riley.

Seraiah had to be taken to Children's Hospital in Dallas, but pulled through and was released the next day. She is perfectly healthy.

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