13-year-old hoped to call deputy 'Dad'

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HENDERSON, TX (KLTV) - Family members of Smith County deputy Brandon Bennett who was killed in a car crash Thursday morning say they were extremely proud of their brother and son. In fact, his older brother, who also works for the Smith County Sheriff's Department, says he got into law enforcement because of his younger brother. His father says making Rookie of the Year was his son's number one goal.

Deputy Bennett impacted a lot lives, particularly, a 13-year-old who said he would have loved an opportunity to someday call Deputy Brandon Bennett, step-dad.

Adam Bullock says his mom first met Bennett, more than two years ago. The two met right before going into police academy training...together. They had been dating ever since. Adam's mother declined an on-camera interview, but she allowed her son to speak very candidly, expressing his feelings in his own, grown up, 13-year-old way.

"He was a hilarious person," said Adam. "He'd make jokes all the time. Everyone will miss him. Everyone he ever got to meet, I'm pretty sure, they felt pretty comfortable with him and thought he was a very cool guy...except for the guys he put in the pen."

Adam says Rookie of the Year was a well-deserved honor for the man who had found a special place in his family.

"My mom was finally happy...and I could tell," said Adam. "He was by far he was the best guy she ever met."

Adam says Bennett let him in on a secret, too: He was planning to propose to Jennifer sometime next year. Adam says he is sure the answer would have been yes.

"I'd tell him not to wait," said Adam. "I'd just tell him, 'Go ahead, pop the question."

"'Good night, love you...and God bless you,'...that's the last thing I said to him," said Adam. "The last thing he said to me was, 'Good night, Buddy.'"

"I just think...he was saved, so he's going with God."

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