Cheap Eats: Too many to choose!

By Morgan Chesky - bio | email
Posted by Ellen Krafve - bio | email

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - Give a man a Cheap Eat and he saves a few bucks for a day. But, teach a man to find Cheap Eats and he saves for life.

Moving Cheap Eats quest started in Tyler, where a fellow Cheap Eat connoisseur advised I stop at Tortilleria y Taqueria Martinez. I went inside and ordered, letting the talent behind the taste put our deal together, flipping, and wrapping some authentic Mexican goodness.

They had two Cheap Eats deals, which made the decision of what to eat hard. The super quesadilla and the super burrito were under five bucks a piece, or 4.87 each, to be exact.

Next, I headed to a family-owned spot south of Tyler aptly named...Tyler's. The restaurant proved its Cheap Eats prowess, grilling hot dogs and whipping up homemade chili with more ingredients than East Texas has backroads. At Tyler's Café, a "Nathan's Hot Dog," homemade chili, drink and chips costs just $4.77.

My final stop was Cocina Mexicana Restaurant. Greeted by good smells, it didn't take long before I found the deal. Homemade and cooked to perfection, Cocina Mexicana is a Cheap Eats champion, offering a steak quesadilla, a steak taco, a drink and plenty of chips for just $4.73.

Bonus Cheap Eat:

Mama Gage's Crazy Café
808 West Broadway Street 
Big Sandy, TX 75755
(903) 636-5272
¼ pound cheeseburger w/ fries and drink

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