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California proposal to ban divorce

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TYLER, TX (KLTV) - California voters decided on gay marriage with proposition 8, but one group is now calling couples out on one of the opposition's biggest claims.

Supporters of prop 8 said it saved the sanctity of marriage so now a California web designer is circulating an online effort to get a ban on divorce on the California ballot.

He's got buttons, T-shirts, even a TV endorsement as the world's best person, and website designer John Marcotts says proposition 8 didn't go far enough to protect marriage.

The full name of his proposal, the California marriage protection act, hoping to make divorce illegal.

"It is never god's intent for a man or woman to divorce," says pastor Jerome Milton.

"I want to protect the sanctity of marriage of marriage according to the scriptures," adds Milton, "He wants to protect the sanctity of marriage outside the bonds of marriage as God has designated between a man and a woman."

Divorce attorney Beau Sinclair protects the sanctity of the law.

"This is tongue and cheek but this is a serious subject," Sinclair says, "If we had a land of no divorce we'd have to have a whole lot of other societal changes as well."

In 1969, changing society prompted the California legislature to be the first state to pass the no fault divorce, granting a divorce if one spouse desires it.

"I think one of the ideas behind no fault divorce was that we would reduce the conflict," says Sinclair, but forty years later conflict has dropped at the cost of convenience.

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