Though East Texan's battle lost, legacy lives on

By LaKecia Shockley - bio | email
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LONGVIEW, TX (KLTV) - An East Texas educator has lost her battle with brain cancer. Last year, Pam Pope's battle against cancer set off a prayer chain reaction. Her heroism continues to touch the lives of many East Texans.

If you drove around Longview, chances are you saw the "Pray for Pam" signs.

"We figured that it was one thing for us to be praying, but if other people saw it, even strangers would just pray for Pam," said Pamela Foreman.

Foreman is just one of the many Trinity Schools co-workers and dear friends of Pam Pope. Pope was an energetic athletic director.

"She's awesome," said Foreman. "She is so vibrant and positive and loud...there's always something exciting happening when Pam was around."

"Her spirit was contagious," said Jan Paine, the director of advancement. "She infected all of us with it and inspired us and that's what made Trinity better. She had that gym hopping with those pep rallies. It was awesome."

Pope was grateful for the prayers from East Texans.

"We used to text each other everyday morning with a quote for the day," said Rebecca Houston. "All of hers were positive, about thinking, positive doing your best, trying your hardest and never giving up."

For Pope, loosing her battle with brain cancer was a always possibility. But she still she remained thankful and fearless.

"There's no reason to worry about, 'Is it going to get worse? Am I going to die?'" said Pope in a July 2008 interview. "That doesn't help anything. I wake up every morning and thank God that I get to live a fantastic day with my family."

True perseverance by an incredible woman.

Pope's memorial service will be held Wednesday at 2pm at Lifepoint Church in Longview. Trinity Schools will also hold a celebration of Pope's life this Friday.

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