Quick Police Action Ends Potential Hostage Situation

Quick response Sunday ended a potential hostage situation in Tyler.

Police were called to a home on Holley street, where a man was reportedly holding a woman inside her house with a hunting knife. The suspect, 20 year-old Jimmy Coleman, chased the woman out of the house, where police were waiting to apprehend him.

They did find a knife on Coleman, and police suspect the situation may have started with a domestic dispute.

"It seems that there may have been an argument with the suspect and the woman about their relationship and how things were going," explains Tyler Police Seargant Tom Deal.

Police also suspect alcohol may have played a part in today's incident.

Jimmy Coleman was arrested on a charge of aggravated assault, and family violence with a deadly weapon. In all, the situation was handled by Tyler Police in twenty minutes. No one was injured.

Reid Kerr (rkerr@kltv.com) reporting.