A Better East Texas: Thanksgiving

The pilgrims fled England to get away from religious persecution and to have a better life.  It is hard to imagine that things would ever get so overbearing that you would leave everything and flee to an unknown land.   But their courage paved the way for the formation of the United States of America.  The first thanksgiving was not a celebration of their newfound, wonderful life, but rather the fact that they had survived another winter and actually had enough food to share.  Life was different in the 16-hundreds but we still have plenty to be thankful for – even in the harsh conditions of 2009.  And while our country is going through some testing, we are still blessed to live in the greatest country in the history of mankind.  We should be thankful.  We are also blessed to be served by the strongest military force on the planet with volunteers from all walks of life – each ready to preserve the freedom we have.  We should be thankful.  So no matter how challenging the life we know gets, be thankful for the bountiful harvest of what we have.  We at KLTV are thankful for you, our viewers, and we never want to take you for granted, that is why we work every day to bring you the finest in information and entertainment programming.  We are thankful and I hope that you know it.  Have a Happy Thanksgiving East Texas.