East Texas Christmas tree farm decorates State Capital

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Posted by Morgan Chesky - bio | email

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - An East Texas Christmas tree farm will soon deck the halls of the Texas capital.

Each year, one farm is chosen to provide Christmas trees for the state, and this holiday season Plantation Pines was given the honor. The family run farm has helped decorate homes for nearly 30 years.

Christmas trees don't come just once a year for Nick Williams. To him, the holiday icon is life. He began raising Christmas trees in high school, and it is a business that has become a family tradition.

"We have a picture of my daughter, Heather, in the field just playing in the dirt. So both of them (the children) have literally grown up growing trees," said Wiggins.

This Christmas season, the fruits of their labor will be seen inside the State Capital.

"You feel so small out in the world, and when you are out there trimming trees or growing the tress you don't expect anyone other than your normal customer base to see the trees. So to get to take them to the capital, it is just a privilege," said Wiggins.

"You realize, 'Wow, this isn't for our home or for our parents. It is going to the capital,'" added his wife, Nancy.

For the family of four,  it's an exciting and daunting task. When asked what tree they would look for, Wiggins had an answer.

"The tallest tree we can find. Probably a wide tree that isn't skimpy. That's filled in."

The Wiggins circled each tree, and, after inspecting high and low, they finally found the perfect one. They tagged it for Austin.

"What we take truly represents us and the quality that we have to offer," Wiggins said.

It's quality that has kept families coming for years.

"It kind of makes me feel like we are a part of it since we have been coming here for five years or so, and it is neat to be able to say, 'Hey, that's where we get our tree,'" said Jerrell Herron, a Christmas tree customer.

This Christmas season, a slice of East Texas will stand tall at the capital. The Wiggins will loaded up the trees and headed for Austin Sunday morning. On Monday, the trees are delivered to the capital on horse drawn carriages.

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