Longview Soldier Possibly Headed to Turkey

As the country prepares for a possible war with Iraq, the job of soldiering once again falls on the young men and women of the armed forces who may again be called upon to fight on foreign soil.

For one Gregg County Sheriff's dispatcher, who's also the mother of a soldier its her worst fear come true.

We first met Pam Mason's son, army private first class John Mason, 4 weeks ago as he was on leave and ready to be discharged this year, but that has changed with pre-wartime status.

A member of the 506th infantry, if deployed the P.F.C. could be right on the front line.

There has already been rumors as to where his unit is going, Turkey, if a deal is struck between the U.S. and that country.

For Pam Mason its a time of worry and uncertainty. Events out of her control, it leaves her with the only thing a mother can do, pray for her child's safe return.

John Mason is currently stationed at Fort Hood, awaiting orders on where his unit will be deployed.

Bob Hallmark reporting.