Hogg Principal Uses Jacket to Put Out Fire, Students Provide a New One

Earlier this week, a small fire erupted in the boys bathroom at Hogg Middle School in Tyler. But it was the Principal, Rick McDaniel, who sprinted down the hall, pulled off his jacket and helped extinguish the flames that were almost touching the ceiling.

The twist? Friday, the faculty and students presented McDaniel with money they had collected for a new jacket. Rick McDaniel said, "I was caught off guard and come to find out, they've been raising the money since the event happened. I have the faculty members and the kids to thank so much and tell them how truly blessed I am to be here, it's been a blessing."

The faculty and students raised about 300 dollars. McDaniel said he will buy a new jacket with the money and give the rest back to the students.

Marie Biggs, reporting.