Inspectors find insects, other problems at local restaurants

By Bob Hallmark

3 East Texas restaurants were singled out for serious violations in the latest inspection period by health departments.

In Longview, 2 restaurants had critical violations, including Osaka's at 115 East Tyler Street. Inspected November 20th, 4 tubs of cooked rice were held out of temperature. Spoiled scallops were found. Employees were seen handling raw chicken and scallops with the same gloves on. And sanitizing bottles were stored with clean dishes. Total demerits 16.

Amigos Buffet at 2511 Judson Road was inspected November 17th. Raw shrimp was being held too warm. Sausage and pepper along with beef taquitos were too cold . Roaches and other insects were found in the establishment. And dirty utensils were found. Total demerits 16

In Tyler, Whataburger at 1919 West Gentry. Some foods were not kept hot enough . Hand washing rules were not being followed . And inspectors observed improper handling of ready-to-eat foods. Total demerits 16.

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