Nearly 2,000 hungry East Texans enjoy Thanksgiving feast

By Courtney Lane - bio | email

EAST TEXAS (KLTV) - Many of you enjoyed Thanksgiving with family at home but sadly an increasing number of East Texans don't have the means to put a holiday meal on the table. That's why the Salvation Army and hundreds of volunteers prepared for months to make this day special for those in need.

They came from all walks of life, each facing different hardships.

"Six years ago I lost my mom and my brother died with cancer and I appreciate everything everybody has done for us," said Lee Myatt.

Captain Zach Bell says sadly some were once volunteers themselves. Economic times have hit hard and now they too are needing a helping hand.

"My hope is that they'll forget some of the troubles, even if just for a few moments, enjoy a wonderful meal and in a sense just really be thankful for what this community is doing for it," said Captain Bell.

The Salvation Army says the need has doubled this year. Today they prepared to feed about 1,500 people. That's a lot of food! 850 gallons of dressing, 2,000 pounds of potatoes, 80 cans of green beans, 3,000 rolls, 200 turkeys, and 250 pies, to be exact.

Of course this community celebration couldn't be possible without all of the good-hearted volunteers.

"It really just makes you feel good and my hope is they recognize that, as they give back they really are not just serving food but they're touching a life," said Captain Bell.

"I hope everybody has a good Thanksgiving and good holidays in God's hands," said Myatt. "God bless you peace on Earth always."

A community stepped-up and together they shared God's love.

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