Sharpay the puppy returned!

By Courtney Lane - bio | email

LONGVIEW, TX (KLTV) - It was a happy end in the case of a stolen puppy. A Silky Terrier puppy named Sharpay was shoplifted from Wet Pets N Critters in Longview Monday afternoon.

The owner of Wet Pets N Critters, Laura Borens, is very grateful and so is her daughter Macy, who was the only one to see the suspect drop Sharpay off.

"I was actually excited," said Macy. "It was just awesome."

"Macy came screaming to the back and she said, 'They brought her back, they brought Sharpay back!', and I'm like, 'Who?'" said Borens. "And so I just walked up front and she was in a carrier sitting outside. Thankfully we were here."

There was also an apology note. In it, the woman explained that their puppy was stolen and her kids wanted another one for Christmas. She may be in less trouble for bringing her back but Borens says they are still filing charges.

"I don't think it was a change of heart," said Borens. "I think it was maybe because she saw herself on the news and she knew that she was going to get caught."

"This is really amazing that she would actually bring her back because some people just don't do that," said Macy.

Remember, surveillance video caught the woman cramming and stuffing the $800 puppy in her purse Monday. Borens says she was returned cold, shivering and reeking of smoke.

It was an ordeal for the little gal, but through it little Sharpay has become quite famous. One person even called Wednesday morning wanting to buy her. But, Laura says they're going to keep her a few days so she can recuperate, catch-up with her playmates and of course, do what puppies do best: sleep.

No arrest has been made. Borens says after our story she got a tip with the woman's name and address. She says police will take it from here to investigate.

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