East Texas Author Romancing East Texas

There was some romancing going on in East Texas Friday.

East Texas romance author, Julia Justiss was autographing copies of her latest book, "My Lady's Honor".

Fans brought who their copies of the book to Tyler's Barnes and Noble this afternoon got a sneak peak at Justiss's upcoming book of love.

Friday night, the award winning novelist will be celebrating true romance with the East Texas couple who won Channel 7's Romancing East Texas contest.

"It's exciting for me to meet someone who did well enough expressing themselves to win a contest like this," says Julia Justiss, author. "So as a romance novelist, the story they talk about is what we write about."

Justiss will be joining the winning couple at Keipersol Estates Friday for dinner as a part of Channel 7's Romancing East Texas. You can expect Justiss's next book hidden stranger to be out in June.

Dana Dixon, reporting