Caught on Tape! Woman steals puppy

By Courtney Lane - bio | email
Posted by Ellen Krafve - bio | email

LONGVIEW (KLTV) - A pet store in Longview needs your help catching a puppy thief. A Silky Terrier was stolen from Wet Pets N Critters Monday afternoon. In surveillance video, a woman walks around the store, checking out different dogs. But, it was an $800 female pup named Sharpay that she decided to take.

"She looked a lot like this one in here," said Laura Borens, owner of Wet Pets N Critters, holding another puppy. "This is a little male. She was a lot like him except a little smaller so very sweet. Very sweet dog."

Borens says that the woman stuffed Sharpay in her purse when a store employee walked past.

"The little puppy tried to get out and she just crammed it in there and zipped her up and walked right out the front door," said Borens.

In 2004, Wet Pets N Critters' surveillance video helped identify a woman who hid a parrot under her shawl. The bird named Dixie cost $1,300 but was found safe and sound.

"It happens more during the holidays," said Borens. "People [are] having a hard time with money now so they resort to shoplifting. But it doesn't pay to steal."

Borens says the woman had two children with her, and a few others she suspects were in on it.

"She didn't pay for the dog," said Borens. "Who knows if she would even be willing to pay for it to get its rabies vaccination or its other booster shots that she needs or even feed her the right kind of food she needs? It's just really sad."

Call Longview police or Wet Pets N Critters if you have any information on the suspect.

"Just please, if you recognize her, do the right that we can get her back," said Borens.

Longview police say they are reviewing that surveillance video to see if they can identify the woman.

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