Fire destroys home, family relies on God

By Philippe Djegal - email
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OVERTON, TX (KLTV) - It took firefighters more than five hours to contain a house fire's flames. In fact, the fire was so bad, crews were sent back to the fire a second time because the fire started up again.

"It happened so fast," said Mike McQueen. "We got everybody out of the house; the residents that live here and the pastor's kids. We all tried to, kinda, at first, initially, try to save things, but the smoke was just really powerful inside of the house."

The next day, what was left of the home was still burning.

"I hear of fires happening all the time," said Liz Bradshaw. "But, you don't think this is gonna happen to your family or the people you care about."

Pastors Frank and Tina Bower watched on in shock, too shocked to speak.

"You're whole life can change, you know, in over 30, 45 minutes," said Eric Contreras.

The Bowers have dedicated their lives to help young people fight drug and alcohol addictions through faith in God.

"They surround people with unconditional love, and with God's word and with prayer and with discipline and then they stand back and watch God work miracles in people's lives," said Eddie price.

All of their belongings were charred and burned to a crisp. But, they had one minor victory. Among the rubble, they found Tina's wedding ring.

"This is what God gave us," said Contreras. "He built us this house for us, and so, you know, I know God'll - he'll replace it again."

"God is gonna bring everything," said Bradshaw. "He's just gonna bring it, you know, and people are the hands of Jesus in the earth. They're his feet, his mouth. So, I just know he's gonna speak to people, and I know it's gonna come out. We're gonna rebuild this."

Ministry members say they used the fireplace last night, and it is possible that the fire started in the chimney.

If you'd like to help pastors Frank and Tina Bower rebuild, click here.

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