Parents React to Molestation Allegations

Carthage is one of those small East Texas towns where everybody seems knows everybody. But many parents in town are strangers to Hubbard Harris, the former school district employee charged with inappropriately touching children.

"This is news to me. I had no idea," says Debbie Copeland.

As mothers and fathers waited to pick up their children from school, the news of the molestation allegations circulated around town, circulating new fear for their children.

"I had felt safe until now," says Angela Gordon, a mother. "Now it makes me wonder do I need to ask more questions and check into things more.

"It's your kids and you know they you just rather that's why in a way I take mine to school," says Patrick Kennedy, father.

"I would be kind of afraid," says Angie Kennedy.

Afraid of who their daughters and sons are entrusted to at Carthage I.S.D.

"I won't let my kids ride the bus now," says Betty Hammonds. "It worries me for the United States period that that stuff could be around for children because we have our children at home and we take care of them so we expect for them to be taken care of at the school," says Debbie Copeland. "Which I think Carthage does a pretty good job."

Now many parents and grandparents who believed in the school district want answers, especially, why were they never notified the first time Harris was charged with indecency with a child.

Dana Dixon, reporting