Despite financial circumstances, students give this Thanksgiving

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LONGVIEW, TX (KLTV)- Many of them cannot even afford to eat, but that's not stopping some East Texas students from helping people in even more need. For one Pine Tree Junior High class their selfless sacrifice makes this Thanksgiving even more special.

Mrs. Rogers 7th grade math class knows what, "strength in numbers" really means.

"I've never had a group of kids that got involved and cared like these students," said Pine Tree Junior High Teacher, Heather Rogers.

20 unselfish students collected more than 500 cans of food for their Thanksgiving food drive.

"I felt like I needed to come in and give back to the people that maybe don't have as much money as everybody else does,"said 7th grader, Righley Thomas.

"It started off as a competition between all the classes to see which one could bring the most cans and then it ended up turning into so much more when the kids started donating their own money,"said Rogers.

Money that some students did not have to spare. Most of the students are on free and reduced lunch, but still they found a way to give.

"I gave my lunch money to Mrs. Rogers so she could go buy cans because I really wanted to help the homeless because they really didn't have anything," said Javonna Hill

"Other people can't have a great Thanksgiving and  I can. Since other people can't really afford food; I felt bad for them so I just gave away my lunch money," said 7th grader, Emanuel Macedo.

"My students did without their allowance, their lunch money, and they made a difference in the lives of other people who don't have things. I even heard some of the students talking well, we'll give this money and you and I will share a lunch," said Rogers.

With such giving students, it's hard not be thankful.

"I think Thanksgiving means just being thankful for what you get to eat and thankful for what God gave to you,"said Thomas.

I just would like to for the people we helped to have a great Thanksgiving," said Macedo.

Mrs. Rogers' canned foods went to Martha's kitchen, which is a food ministry in Longview that feed needy families. In all, Pine Tree Junior High campus as a whole donated more than twenty-four hundred can goods during their Thanksgiving food drive.

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