Catholic Diocese of Tyler Hands Down Guidelines to Prevent Abuse

"It's all brought together into one document," says Bishop Alvaro Corrada.

It's a policy that comes from scandal. The Ethics Code of the Diocese of Tyler is now official. It's a collection of rules and regulations that affect everyone who is connected with Diocese business, even volunteers.

"What was there scattered,  wanted to bring into one policy, and now we have it in one page." It includes what is appropriate touch and inappropriate touch. Plus, it looks at how complaints are investigated.

"God cries out for justice, and eventually the rights of the oppressed will be heard." Father Gavin Vaverek is the new Promoter of Justice. He is the person victims can call. Sort of like their district attorney.

"Somebody may have been abused a long time ago, but they need some counseling, maybe just with somebody to talk to them. They hear that somebody does care and does believe them," he says.

School workers, deacons, everyone will sign the form -- saying that they will follow all the rules. For the safety of children, and everyone.

Deacon Bill Necessary says: "It's timely and it's needed that we have guidelines for us to follow. You can't practice ministry anymore without this."

Morgan Palmer, reporting.