Young cancer survivor's wish comes true

By Philippe Djegal - email

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - Life threw him a curveball. Two years ago, 8-year old Delvin Timmons was diagnosed with myoblastoma - a cancerous tumor to the brain. Surgery and rounds of chemotherapy took a toll on Timmons. But, he hung in there, and, today, he's a healthy young boy. However, when the outlook seemed bleak, the Make-A-Wish Foundation, stepped up and asked if he had a wish. Turns out he did, and today, that dream came true.

Timmons pulled up in front of Toys 'R' Us in Tyler at 9:30a.m. sharp this morning, exiting from a stretch hummer-limo; a limo fit for a king.

"He's enjoying it," said Stephanie Timmons, Delvin's mother. "He's enjoying it. He never had nothing like this."

Delvin is escorted by his mother, sister, and wishmakers, or volunteers from the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

"He's going through a lot," said Jan McAfee, a Make-A-Wish volunteer. "He's a special little boy."

"I done had dreams," said Delvin. "But, today, it's coming to real life."

Wasting no time, Delvin headed over to the video game section, grabbing his favorite action and sports games for his new Nintendo Wii.

"I like playing games," said Delvin.

His entourage had a tough time keeping up. Delvin is a ball of energy - a positive sign.

"He done gained weight. He's fat," said Stephanie Timmons. "He looks good."

Not long ago, Delvin was fighting for his life.

"It feels like. . . it's hard," said Delvin.

He is still getting medically tested on a regular basis. But, doctors say he making a strong recovery.

"We spent about $1,000 here and then we're gonna go to Best Buy," said Jan McAfee. "He wants to buy a flat screen television, and a DVD player, and he wants to then go into the mall to finish buying clothes and shoes and just stuff that a young man would want to buy."

"Thank you," said Stephanie Timmons. "My son is enjoying this and this is a blessing."

"Thank you for granting me a wish," said Delvin who also offered words of encouragement for any young kids out there running out of hope "tell them to believe in there self."

Delvin lives in Marshall with his family. He says he had a great time today. In fact, he's probably playing with some of the toys he bought today as we speak. The Make-A-wish Foundation spent more than $2,300 today, on Delvin's shopping spree.

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