A Better East Texas: Sarah Palin

Well have you had enough of Sarah Palin?  The former Governor of Alaska and Vice Presidential nominee is hitting the airwaves promoting her new book.  Again, don't be fooled into thinking this is some kind of political promotion on her part, it is purely a promo tour to sell books.  And, for the most part, people are buying it. Governor Palin has risen from near obscurity to rock star status in less than a year and half.  Her appeal as a candidate is now being surpassed by her appeal as some kind of pop personality.  There is a lot of talk of her even running for President in 2012.  So how does someone who was a small town Mayor just a few years ago become the biggest interview of the year?  I dare say that the answer points to our country's recent on-going search for leadership.  To be honest, Barrack Obama followed a not so different path in his rise to national and worldwide notoriety.  So it appears, sadly, that the days are gone where our leaders are selected after years of public service, earning trust over time and gaining experience through true service.  I don't blame Governor Palin and we cannot discount that she could be elected again but it takes more than a slick package to truly lead.  So as we ready to choose our leaders in the upcoming campaign season, look beyond the packaging and raw appeal and vote for those candidates with a plan and vision to lead our community, state and country – and that will make for a Better East Texas.