The next Taekwondo Kid

By Coleman Swierc - bio | email

TYLER, TEXAS (KLTV) - Seven year old Bryce Gregory has a lot of energy.

"I was trying to do front flips off the couch at my house," said Gregory, "so I always wanted to do this."

What better way to channel that energy, than taekwondo.

"Right now I am a purple belt, but I am only four away from becoming a black belt," said Gregory.

Bryce started martial arts two years ago, and has since won a gold and bronze at nationals, and is now ranked #1 in the state

"He works so hard, and that is what is unique about him, for being his age he is a perfectionist," said Bryce's instructor Dometrius Hill, himself a 4th degree black belt, "If he doesn't do something right he gets mad at himself, and sometimes we have to pull him back and say not to take yourself so serious."

And if his training has taught him anything, it is not to be intimidated…not by the camera…

"I reall don't get nervous any more, I used to be, but I am not shy any more," said Gregory.

And while sparring with others is nice, it's what has Bryce has learned inside, that he loves the best…

"I love the discipline and self confidence that I get, that is really the best part."

And there's always a chance for a pro career…in more than one area..

"There is no reason why you couldn't see him in the movies, or even possibly trying out for the U.S. Olympic team in taekwondo do," said Hill, "but he really has an interest in MMA, so you may one day see him there to."

Movies or MMA, one thing is sure, Bryce Gregory is one cool customer…just imagine what he can do, when he is eight.

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