Palin goes rogue

By Philippe Djegal - email

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - It has been out less than a day, and Sarah Palin's memoir, "Going Rouge: An American Life," is already number one on Amazon's best seller list.

Demand is so high, the book's publisher is having an extra 100,000 copies printed, totaling more than 1.6 million copies.

Hastings books in Tyler ordered dozens of copies of "Going Rogue."

"I like everything she says and does," said Dolly Odom. "She's got a lot of energy and she does want to make a difference."

Odom was worried the book would be sold out, but plenty are still on the shelf. She says she's fascinated by Palin's story.

"The children, her views of life," said Odom. She's not afraid to speak her mind, and I just think she's an interesting person."

It might look like an intimidating read. But, looks can be deceiving. It is 400 pages long. But, the text is rather large and more than two dozen pages of the book are just photos.

"Harry Potter out sold it obviously, but for that type of book, it's a good day," said Mike Garrett.

The south Tyler Target is seeing a steady demand for the memoir.

"Today, we probably sold about 12 to 15," said Garrett. "I'm not sure exactly. We started with around 36, and we'll be replenishing each day with our normal deliveries."

But, not everyone is flocking to the book.

"If somebody gave it to me, I would probably throw it away in the trash," said Sharon Clarkson.

"I love her and I think she should have been vice president of the United States," said Jane Clements.

"I think I'll probably end up buying and giving it to my sister as Christmas gift, 'cause she will thoroughly enjoy it, and then she'll loan it back to me," laughed Kyle Rahn.

Aside from being number one on its list of best-sellers, a spokeswoman for says "Going Rogue" is already one of their best selling non-fiction books of 2009. Amazon is selling the book for $14.50 - half the retail price.

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