Rape survivor says man turned into her 'worst nightmare'

SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) - It can happen to anyone. "At first there were no signs," says one rape survivor. "He was the best man I thought walking the earth, and it was like, three months into the relationship when he turned into my worst nightmare."

And that's because of what happened to her over the next five months. She was repeatedly attacked. She wishes not to identify herself for personal reason.

"He would jump on me, and at times when he would force me to have sex, he would hold me down by my throat until I would pass out at times," the survivor says. "And I would wake up and he would still be having sex with me.

Fortunately, she was finally able to get away and go to the YWCA. She says her son gave her the strength to leave after being raped and abused by the man she once loved.

"It broke me down as a woman. I feel unimportant. My self esteem, the way I look at myself. I don't see myself as beautiful or pretty, attractive or any of the things women should see in themselves," says the survivor.

And it's made her fearful of others. "I could walk down the street and my body just gets stiff. Walking by a man looking at him and not knowing him makes me have to look behind me to see if they turn around or follow me," says survivor.

She says self defense is an option when it comes to protection, but only time will help her regain her spirit and desire to love.

"I can't see myself in a relationship because of the broken down feeling inside me. It would be hard for me to trust again," she goes on to say. And she doesn't want that to happen to other women.

But if it does, she says find a place of empowerment like the YWCA, and most importantly, she encourages women to get away as fast as they can.


Centers for Families: 318-222-0759

YWCA: 318-222-2117 OR 1-888-411-1333

Providence House: 318-698-7273
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