Parents react to getting children vaccinated

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TYLER, TX (KLTV) - The appointment book at the immunization clinic is already filling up. Some parents say they have anxiously been awaiting the vaccine's arrival, and when it came to getting their child vaccinated, it wasn't a hard decision.

"We've been keeping her in the house," said Amanda Allen. "We haven't been taking her much of anywhere because we were really worried that she was going to catch this."

Brooklyn Allen's parents have waited months for the H1N1 vaccine. Brooklyn is 20 months old with a respiratory illness.

"We've tried through her pediatrician," said Allen. "We've tried through the health districts here and in Gregg County. She even has specialists up in Dallas at Children's Medical and nobody's had them."

Monday, the wait was over as the Northeast Public Health District announced the arrival of 3,600 shots.

"We are excited," said Dr. Jonathan MacClements, with the Northeast Public Health District. "We can now finally provide to the public what we have promised."

Amanda Allen was one of the anxious parents who said there was no hesitation when deciding whether or not to vaccinate their child.

"It is better to keep your child safe," said Allen. "You don't want them in the hospital you know because of some rumor that you heard about the vaccine."

"If like him they have a condition and you want to get it done, get it done," said Adam Alonso.

Health officials standing by re-iterated the vaccine's importance.

"With the H1N1, it is going to be very very important for people to take this," said George Roberts, with the Northeast Texas Public Health District. "It provides another level of protection."

"It's for your child. You'd do anything," said Alonso.

Protections parents say was worth the wait. Right now, vaccines are by appointment only, but health officials say a public clinic will be held once a big enough shipment of vaccines arrive.

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