Death for man who murdered child

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TYLER, TX (KLTV) - It has been an emotional trial, dragging on for over a month now, but late Monday afternoon, a jury sentenced Demontrell Miller to the death penalty. He was found guilty of capital murder in the beating death of two-year-old Kelynn Pinson.

In court, moments of grief and anger going over Kelynn's violent death last year.

"Can you imagine the pain when his shoulder was hurt or his back or his arms or his hands?" said April Sikes, the Smith County Assistant District Attorney. "Can you imagine when he did all he could do and put his hands up and only to be kicked and hurt again? Can you imagine?"

Next to his picture, prosecutors hung-up the toddler's blood-stained shirt, hoping the jury would not forget or forgive.

"When that first kick came to him, what did he think?" said Sikes. "'Stop hurting me. What did I do wrong? I'm sorry!' Can you imagine the type of character it takes to let a two-year-old baby lay in the floor until he dies? My God! What kind of person does that? And, I don't care if he's mannerable or not. That's what makes him a monster. That's what makes him sinister. He's a baby killer."

The defense has always argued that Demontrell Miller loved the little boy and his mother. And, his death was an accident. Monday, his attorneys asked for mercy.

"I would also submit to you that this is Demontrell Miller's day," said LaJuanda Lacy, Miller's attorney. "He, too, is seeking justice in this case. No matter what we do as it relates to this case, no matter the outcome of this case, it will not give Kelynn Pinson new life."

"Don't you dare let them put that guilt on you," said Sikes. "You know who affected lives in this court room? He did it. He did it to his own sorry self and to every other person in here. He did it. It is his conduct. He beat that baby to death."

Miller will be killed by lethal injection. Kelynn's father wrote a victim-impact letter, calling Miller a coward. When the verdict was read in court, there was no reaction from Miller or anyone else in the court room.

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