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A Better East Texas: Athletic disgust

Caught on tape.  It’s a phrase that you see regularly in our newscast and it usually involves some oddity with an animal or stupid criminal.  But when I saw the segment that showed Elizabeth Lambert the college soccer player from New Mexico hitting, kicking, and taking down players on an opposing team during a game, I could not believe it.  Ms. Lambert has apologized and has been suspended indefinitely for her actions but will it make a difference.  I believe that there are more Elizabeth Lamberts out that than we would like to admit.  All you have to do is attend a local little league, peewee football or soccer match and see pre-teen boys and girls throwing a fit when a play doesn't’t go their way.  Competitiveness is one thing but being a brat is another.  The truly great athletes of our time – the true role models – display an air of humility even when the game turns against them and it is sad that coaches and parents of today’s athletes, in general, don’t teach character and sportsmanship.  It is win at all costs and be a cry baby if you lose.  Now there are a few coaches and parents that do it right and I have witnessed it first hand and it is amazing but those are the teams that every parent wants their child to play on.  We need more of that and more people stepping up so that the caught on tape segments will show deer in a department store and not college age brats and that will make for a Better East Texas.

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