Turbo Cooker: "Does It Work?"

"Cook a whole meal in less than 15 minutes." If you're the cook around the house, that will get your attention.

Since we started doing the "Does It Work?" report almost a year ago, we've had few products requested for testing as much as the Turbo Cooker. This time, we're back in the kitchen asking the question... "Does It Work?"

For about 40 bucks you get the steam rack, the straight-sided domed lid with steam vent, along with a spring form cake pan, and the bottom cooking chamber. We looked through all the recipe cards that come with the set. Pasta dishes, meats, enchiladas, fish, even chocolate cake. For this test though, we chose a dish that stretches the cooker to its limits-- Turbo Chicken and Roasted Potatoes-- basically some diced potatoes, frozen chicken and some frozen vegetables. It's all supposed to cook in 12 minutes.

The recipe calls for two, 2 ounce chicken breasts, seasoned on one side only. Put the diced potatoes all around the chicken, 2 to 4 tablespoons of water inside. Dump the frozen vegetables into the steam rack. Set that on top. Put the lid on and you're almost done.

With the Turbo Cooker, you always start with a cold pan. For this recipe, we're supposed to close the valve on the lid so steam cannot escape. It's the steam that will do the job on the frozen vegetables.

Six minutes later, we turn the chicken over, re-season on the other side, adjust those potatoes... just stir them around a bit... and we added just a little bit more water. The instructional video said that's okay.

Put the lid back on and go for about another 6 minutes.

When it was all done, we had some nice brown chicken hiding below the steamed vegetables. The makers of the Turbo Cooker call it their Steamfrying system. And it appears to have worked. We had created a meal made for two. We went a tad over 12 minutes in the pan, but it was certainly less than 15. And the taste? Not bad... considering there's absolutely no added oil in there. The crunch on the vegetables was just right and the chicken was still moist, but completely done. Cleanup was easy too.

Does it work? We give the Turbo Cooker a "yes".