Huge and strange theft at Tyler business

By Bob Hallmark - bio | email

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - An unusual theft in Smith County has law enforcement looking for thieves who my be trying to unload stolen batteries.

It was sometime early Friday morning that thieves made off with merchandise from the Cart Shed on Highway 69 south of Tyler. The only thing stolen: Batteries.

"They knew what they were doing they came in and did it as fast as they could got out of here, it was very targeted very specific," said Cart Shed co-owner Donna Hill.

Stacked up on a pallet in the back of the business were 6 and 8 volt batteries designed specifically for golf carts. The batteries weigh 25 to 30 pounds apiece and there were 70 of them. Right under a security light, the thieves had to spend considerable time and effort to load over 1,800 pounds and get it off the lot undetected.

"You live 100 yards behind this business and you know that people that intended to do you harm were up here stealing from you, its just not a good feeling," Hill said.

Investigators say these batteries have a valuable lead and zinc. Hill worries that the economy may be making people desperate to get anything.

"They're getting brazen, and now that the economy is getting rougher they're going to start taking more stuff. Today it's my stuff, tomorrow it might be yours" she said.

Hill estimates the theft cost their business around $3,000, and they will now install video security cameras at the business.

Anyone with information on the stolen batteries is asked to call the Smith County Sheriffs Office.

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